Kirkwood High School Students Seek Help at Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Missouri After Classmate Heroin Deaths

Students at Kirkwood High School in St. Louis County are seeking help for substance abuse at drug and alcohol rehab centers in Missouri after losing classmates to heroin addiction. Presently, heroin deaths in St. Louis County are nearly four times the national average, and are having a major impact on local youth.

CNN recently visited Kirkwood High School to speak with students about heroin abuse, and to feature their personal stories on an original television series about opioid addiction.

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Problems With Heroin Addiction at Kirkwood High School

Kirkwood High School

Heroin is easily accessible to Kirkwood High School students.

For its exclusive television series called “Heroin: The poisoning of America,” CNN sent reporter Deborah Feyerick around the country to speak with people whose lives are being impacted by the nation’s opioid epidemic. At Kirkwood High School, Feyerick spoke with teen Kolton Kaleta, who says he started using heroin at the age of 15.

Kaleta says heroin dealers target teens at Kirkwood because they have access to money they can use to pay for drugs. The teen says everyone at his school does heroin from honor students to stoners, and that students can simply call a dealer, tell them how much heroin they want, and meet somewhere to perform the transaction.

In 2014, 16-year-old Allyson Porter was the first student at Kirkwood to die from a heroin overdose. According to her father Dennis, Ally died instantly after snorting just one capsule. In 2015 just 14 months later, one of Kaleta’s close friends also died from an overdose — influencing over 80 students to reach out and get help for themselves or close friends struggling with heroin addiction.

Overcoming Heroin Addiction at Drug Rehab Centers

Heroin can be highly difficult to overcome on one’s own without medical intervention or addiction treatment. Heroin use alters brain chemistry in a way that affects the perception of pain and reward. Immediately after using heroin, users experience a strong rush of euphoria, and continue using the deadly opioid to maintain an ongoing high.

Over time, heroin users develop a tolerance to the drug and require higher doses to achieve the same intense euphoric high. At the same time, heroin users become physically dependent on the drug and continue using to avoid cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Long-term heroin use increases the risk for a number of serious health problems, including loss of memory, respiratory illness, and coma.

Fortunately, rehab centers that treat opioid abuse offer several treatments and programs aimed at helping teens combat heroin dependence and addiction. One of the country’s most effective treatments for opioid addiction is medication-assisted treatment, which combines medication therapy with counseling. These medications mirror the effects of heroin without causing cravings or withdrawal symptoms — allowing teens to overcome physical dependency so they can get back to improving their lives and working toward building promising futures.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from heroin abuse, get help immediately before it’s too late. Call our 24/7 confidential helpline at 816-566-5103 to learn more about drug and alcohol rehab centers in Missouri that can help you or your loved one overcome heroin dependence and addiction. Our staff is devoted to providing you with the resources you need to become healthier, happier, and addiction-free.

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