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Addiction to Opiate Treatment Asks You to Dig Deep During Opiate Addiction Treatment

There are treatments for diseases that are passive. But, most require you to be active by taking medication regularly, making behavioral changes, following instructions, and attending appointments. These actions are often unenjoyable. Many people hate going to physical therapy because it is so demanding, but they literally cannot make gains in their treatment without it. …

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Tackling Heroin Addiction in Columbia With Help From Drug Rehab Centers in Missouri

Central Missouri residents have chosen to step forward and share their stories about heroin addiction in an effort to raise awareness about the dangers of opioid use. Columbia and surrounding communities are currently being plagued by a high number of heroin overdoses, which has local residents concerned about public safety. Now, local law enforcement and …

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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Can Improve Opioid Crisis and Connect Addicts With Missouri Drug Rehab Centers

Missouri is the only state remaining without a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) in place. While other states are using the PDMP as a preventive measure to address the nationwide opioid epidemic, Missouri is struggling with higher opioid overdose rates, which increased by 137% from 2005 to 2014. Now, health experts and various state agencies …

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Naloxone Now Available Without a Prescription to State Residents, Staff at Missouri Rehab Centers

An opioid overdose antidote drug called naloxone is now available without a prescription to everyone in the state who needs the drug to reverse an overdose caused by heroin and other opioids. Previously, naloxone was only available to first responders and staff at Missouri rehab centers who frequently encounter opioid overdose incidents. This new move …

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Heroin Overdoses Scare Local University Students; How Missouri Rehab Centers Can Help Curb Opioid Addiction

Two individuals are recovering in the hospital after recently overdosing on heroin in off-campus student housing just blocks away from Missouri State University. While it remains unclear whether the two victims were university students, the heroin incident has residents and students scared about drug problems in the local community. As law enforcement agencies continue to …

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Kirkwood High School Students Seek Help at Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Missouri After Classmate Heroin Deaths

Students at Kirkwood High School in St. Louis County are seeking help for substance abuse at drug and alcohol rehab centers in Missouri after losing classmates to heroin addiction. Presently, heroin deaths in St. Louis County are nearly four times the national average, and are having a major impact on local youth. CNN recently visited …

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