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Jackson County’s New Prescription Drug Database Could Save Millions on Treatments at Drug Rehab Centers in Missouri

Jackson County lawmakers recently started a prescription drug monitoring program in an effort to limit the amount of opioid prescriptions being issued to county residents. This new program detects whether patients already have active opioid prescriptions so doctors can hold off on prescribing unneeded painkillers. Lawmakers are saying that investing less than $150,000 per year …

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Life-Saving Overdose Antidote Made Available to Grandview Police, Missouri Drug Rehab Centers

Law enforcement agencies in Grandview are now carrying a life-saving overdose antidote that can revive heroin and opioid addicts who have suffered an overdose. The drug, called naloxone, is a nasal spray that reverses the effects of opioids so addicts can have another chance at seeking help and overcoming addiction. At present, naloxone is available …

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