Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Can Improve Opioid Crisis and Connect Addicts With Missouri Drug Rehab Centers

Missouri is the only state remaining without a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) in place. While other states are using the PDMP as a preventive measure to address the nationwide opioid epidemic, Missouri is struggling with higher opioid overdose rates, which increased by 137% from 2005 to 2014. Now, health experts and various state agencies are saying a PDMP is needed to improve the state’s opioid crisis, and to help physicians connect opioid addicts with Missouri drug rehab centers that can help them overcome dependence.

If you’re addicted to painkillers and live in Missouri, understand that help is just a phone call away. Call our 24/7 confidential helpline at 816-566-5103 to learn more about drug rehab centers that can help you overcome opioid dependence. Nobody should have to overcome addiction on their own; we’re here to help.

Exploring How Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Curb Addiction

Drug Monitoring Program

Using a PDMP can help prevent opioid addicts from doctor shopping.

Nathaniel Nolan, a fourth-year MD/MPH student at the University of Missouri, says he recently worked at a clinic in Arizona that treats chronic pain. During one of his shifts, Nolan worked with a female patient suffering from chronic pain who requested the name of an opioid painkiller that worked for her in the past.

After checking Arizona’s PDMP database, Nolan discovered that the woman had already received two prescriptions for the same painkiller earlier that week from two other providers — a practice commonly known as “doctor shopping.”

Nolan and the supervising physician then consulted with the female patient about her multiple opioid prescriptions, at which point she broke down and admitted to suffering from opioid addiction. Nolan and doctor then began working with the woman on finding a nearby drug rehab center that could help her overcome opioid dependence and addiction.

Nolan says that in Missouri, it’s difficult for physicians and health providers to determine whether patients have multiple prescriptions for opioids. He says that unless patients disclose the names of all the drugs they’re currently taking, there’s no way to determine whether they’re receiving opioids from other providers in other networks. This leads to the overprescribing of opioids and increases the risk for overdose deaths.

Implementing a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program in Missouri

House Bill 1892, which was introduced by Representative Holly Rehder, would help Missouri gain access to a PDMP that could reduce opioid addiction and overdose rates. If passed, House Bill 1892 would allow prescribers to review a patient’s prescription history and make more informed, educated decisions surrounding treatment and care. The bill would also prevent opioid addicts from obtaining extra painkillers that fuel addiction and increase the risk for an overdose.

Additionally, a PDMP would help identify patients at risk for addiction, as well as those already suffering from addiction. A PDMP would allow physicians to work with patients on finding local drug rehab centers that specialize in treating opioid addiction.

If you or someone you care about is addicted to painkillers and lives in Missouri, understand there are several nearby rehab centers that can help. Call our 24/7 confidential helpline at 816-566-5103 to learn more about Missouri drug rehab centers that can help you or your loved one successfully combat and overcome opioid addiction.

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