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Missouri Rehab Centers .com provides many different tools and resources to aid in the decision making process and to ensure that those in search of treatment for addiction, mental illness or an eating disorder find the best type of help and care for their condition. The following resources are provided to assist visitors in understanding the different types of conditions that rehab centers can provide treatment for as well as to aid in the process of choosing a rehab center that will meet their individual needs.

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Is Rehab the Answer to Our Crime Crisis?

The effects of addiction on the brain and mind create an obsessive mindset that “naturally” leads to cr ...

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4 Ways to Go to Executive Drug Rehab without Ruining your Career

Everyone knows the stereotype of the people who go to drug rehab. They’re junkies. They’re unclean. The ...

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7-Year old in Cleveland accidentally ingested mother’s cocaine

An Ohio woman has been arrested after her seven-year-old son was found to have ingested cocaine. The child, ...

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Meth spill in Darke County Jail leads to hospitalization of 10 Officers

The Darke County Jail has been shut down due to a meth spill and contamination that occurred around 1 p.m. ...

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7 Ways to Tell If Your Addiction is Talking to You

Recovering from addiction is an ongoing process.  Initially, physical recovery is the main focus.  Howeve ...

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5 Ideas for the Spouse of a Recovering Addict

Living with an addict is no walk in the park.  With addiction, everything is placed in “plus one mode” ...

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Cocaine or Amphetamines: Which Recovery Program is More Difficult?

Rehab is never easy, but it can be particularly difficult to work through stimulant addiction. Some may won ...

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What is Projection and How does it Affect Your Recovery Efforts?

Projection is a popular topic among the media today in regards to addiction recovery. In most cases, projec ...

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Medical Doctors Avoid Addiction Treatment Fearing Workplace Repercussions

A new study reveals that a large number of medical doctors who suffer from addiction tend to self-medicate ...

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Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen Deemed More Effective Than Opioids for Dental Pain

For many years, dental patients have been using opioids to treat pain from procedures like root canals and ...

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