Tackling Heroin Addiction in Columbia With Help From Drug Rehab Centers in Missouri

Central Missouri residents have chosen to step forward and share their stories about heroin addiction in an effort to raise awareness about the dangers of opioid use. Columbia and surrounding communities are currently being plagued by a high number of heroin overdoses, which has local residents concerned about public safety.

Now, local law enforcement and hospitals throughout the central region are urging those who struggle with addiction to get help from drug rehab centers in Missouri that can safely guide them to sobriety and better health.

If you or someone you love is struggling with heroin addiction, call our 24/7 confidential helpline right away at 816-566-5103. Understand that you are not alone, and that your confidentiality is guaranteed. We’ll help you find rehab centers in Missouri that can help you or your loved one overcome opioid addiction.

Repairing Lives Impacted By Heroin Abuse

Heroin Addiction

Missouri residents are working to spread awareness about heroin addiction.

Local resident Jim Marshall lost his son Cody to a combined heroin and Xanax overdose in September 2011. Marshall said that his son’s overdose was triggered after using just a tiny amount of heroin, according to the toxicology report. Since his son’s passing, Marshall has been educating himself on heroin abuse and now speaks at various schools and establishments throughout the state to help raise awareness about addiction.

A recovering heroin addict who wishes to remain anonymous also shared her story about how heroin use caused her to overdose. The woman said she initially became addicted to painkillers at the age of 16 after suffering an injury, and eventually started using heroin 10 years later. She says that even after coming close to death and serving jail time for heroin use, she continued to experience difficulty with quitting heroin until she went to rehab.

Christopher Sampson, physician at the University of Missouri, says the emergency room at the hospital is seeing a higher number of patients suffering from heroin overdoses. The doctor adds that heroin affects everyone across all age groups, and about four times the amount of men than women. Sergeant Scott White with the Missouri State Highway Patrol adds that heroin users have much more to worry about than jail time, especially considering heroin is being mixed with highly potent opioids that are far more dangerous than heroin itself.

Fighting Heroin Addiction at Drug Rehab Centers

Overcoming heroin addiction can be extremely difficult — or impossible in some cases — to overcome on one’s own without help. Heroin use alters brain chemistry in a way that influences users to keep using in an effort to maintain lasting euphoria and pain relief. As a result, heroin users continue chasing the ultimate high while putting themselves at an especially high risk for overdose or death.

Drug rehab centers that treat opioid abuse offer several treatment options that can help patients overcome dependency and addiction. Some rehab centers offer holistic therapies that focus on detox, exercise, and nutrition, while others offer medication-assisted treatments that combine medication with counseling and therapy. These medications, which are approved for use by the FDA in treating opioid addiction, are effective at minimizing heroin withdrawal symptoms and cravings so patients can safely and comfortably overcome dependency.

Are you addicted to heroin or painkillers and live in Missouri? Don’t put off getting help for your addiction until it’s too late. Call our confidential helpline at 816-566-5103 to learn more about drug rehab centers in Missouri that will guide you through overcoming dependence and achieving lifelong sobriety from heroin.

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